Country Matrix

Last Updated: 4:10 PM (Pacific), 3/17/2020.

GA: General Assembly Plenary

Real-world UN membership will be reflected should any changes in membership occur - for example, Fiji ratified the Convention on Transnational Organized Crime on September 19, 2017, and was added to the CTOC committee (at NWMUN-Seattle 2017) as well.

X: Member of the Committee
O: Observer Status
Please note that NWMUN-HS is single-delegate, meaning one delegate represents each country in each committee. We do not allow two or more delegates to "team up" to represent the same country on the same committee.

Country assignments listed as "Pending" are provisional and are subject to change; they are held for up to two weeks to allow delegations to pay for their assignments. If payment is received within this period, the term "pending" will be removed to reflect a confirmed registration; if not, the country assignment will be reversed and other delegations may request the country once more.